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The Gospel in Greasepaint
Ordering Information

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This 172-page, creative, inspiring, and all-around cool book can be ordered by mail, phone, or online. 

You can order it direct from the publisher for $15.00.*

*Add $2.00 for shipping ($4.00 if international) and, if you are a Colorado resident 3% tax.

Plus, as a bonus, get a free catalog of other Piccadilly books upon request.

Clown presentingMail your name, address, and payment to:

Piccadilly Books
P.O. Box 25203
Colorado Springs, CO 80936

MasterCard and Visa accepted (give card type, card number, exp. date, and signature).

Or call 719-550-9887 (9-5 Mountain Time).

Amazon Home PageOr order this book immediately on-line through Amazon.com.

Read "Shepherd Saves Silly Sheep," an excerpt from the book
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